Rhency Padilla

With over 20 years of diverse work experience across Asia and the Middle East, Rhency Padilla, the Founder of Perky People, not only brings the know-how, but brilliant dance moves and an infectious energy that undeniably boosts engagement and happiness in the workplace.

With more than 13 years dedicated to training, talent and leadership development, employee engagement, employee well-being, employer branding, organizational effectiveness, and people experience design, Rhency is well-versed in developing and driving people-centered strategies across a wide range of industries such as airlines, government sectors, and luxury retail.



Welcome to Perky People, an innovative HR consultancy specializing in People Experience (PX) design. We create happy workplaces that nurture their people to thrive—think of a plant in a greenhouse with optimum conditions. We help you build that greenhouse! Our ethos is based on design thinking. What we aim for is a paradigm shift—a new way of assessing and producing creative solutions that have a positive impact on employees' experience. Our priority is to create top-notch employee experiences and foster a vibrant workplace culture.



Solution Focused

We approach challenges with a proactive mindset and can-do attitude, always seeking innovative solutions.


Playful Creativity

We infuse fun and creativity into all our endeavors, fostering an environment where new ideas flourish.


Authentic Connections

We prioritize building genuine, supportive, and inclusive relationships based on trust, respect, and understanding.


Relentless Collaboration

We are passionate about working together to co-create meaningful experiences, leveraging the diverse strengths of our team.


Knowledge Hungry

We have an insatiable appetite for learning, constantly seeking new insights and opportunities to stay ahead in our field.


By infusing creativity and a dash of playful methodology into our services, we co-create unique, people-centric workplace experiences that leave a lasting impression.


From People Experience Design, Training & Development to Specialised Workshops and Team Building Activities, our customized programs are designed to fit your organization’s unique challenges and goals.


Inspiring companies to design happier workplaces that will compel their people to achieve success.

Our mission is to transform workplaces in the UAE and the GCC region into happy, fulfilling and therefore ultimately productive spaces for people, helping to elevate workplace culture in the region.

To become the catalyst for transforming workplaces in the UAE and GCC into vibrant hubs of happiness and productivity and propelling the region to global people experience excellence.

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At Perky People, we are proud to have partnered with a diverse range of clients who share our passion for creating extraordinary workplaces. Our clients include corporate organizations, government sectors, airlines, luxury retail, and more. We have partnered with prestigious companies including Nestle, Emirates NBD, Hermes, and G42, to name a few. We value these partnerships and are committed to understanding their unique needs, goals, and challenges. Together, we have co-created tailored solutions and implemented innovative strategies that enhance employee experiences, drive engagement, and foster a culture of success. Join our esteemed list of clients and embark on a transformative journey.


Our role as your partner consultant is not only to guide and empower you, but also transfer the knowledge and expertise to your teams, so that we leave you with a sustainable practice that serves you today and in the future.

Whether you want us to train your team on our framework, or work together as a taskforce, or simply handle the entire job for you, you can pick the approach that works best for you, and we will be supporting throughout the process.

Choose Your Collaboration Approach

We offer flexible collaboration options tailored to your organization’s needs: 

We Manage the Project

Short on resources? Let us take the lead from start to finish, ensuring seamless execution and impactful results.

Collaborate with Your Team

Leverage your internal experts! We'll provide the framework and guidance, empowering your team to execute while we offer support where needed.

Upskill Your Team

Build internal capabilities with our tailored training programs. Whether it's group workshops or personalized coaching, we're here to help your team thrive.

At Perky People, collaboration is more than just a buzzwordit’s our ethos. Let’s work together to create transformative workplace experiences that drive lasting success.