People Experience Design

We specialize in co-creating uniquely tailored workplace experiences using a structured framework and design-thinking methodologies. From a memorable recruitment process and irresistible onboarding program to hybrid work arrangements, we can help you design and implement a top-notch employee life cycle experience. We build experiences that positively impact engagement, productivity, and overall employee satisfaction.

We all know there’s work to be done. So, let’s create an environment where your people thrive, love what they do, and bring their best selves to work every day!

Perky People specializes in co-creating innovative workplace experiences. Using a structured framework and design-thinking methodologies, we co-create a positive and engaging workplace experience with you for your team. A happy workplace is crucial to driving employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention. Through our thorough assessments and analysis of your people’s experiences in different employee life cycle touchpoints, we identify pain points and areas of improvement in different processes like your attraction, onboarding, probation, recognition, capability development, offboarding, etc. Our team then co-designs tailored solutions with you that address these specific challenges.

Using the design thinking approach, we involve key stakeholders and select employees in the process. We ensure their voices and perspectives are heard by conducting surveys, interviews, and workshops to gather insights and understand the current state of your organization’s people experience. This collaborative approach helps us uncover hidden pain points, engage people, and promote joint accountability and buy-in throughout the design process.

The People Experience Design process is implemented in four simple steps—First, we Assess & Analyze the issues. Then we Design & Develop by mapping and co-designing enhanced experiences, setting goals and metrics, and developing collaterals for implementation. Afterwards, we Train & Implement the project team and stakeholders and provide them with a project plan. Lastly, we Review & Evaluate by checking in with the project team after 3 to 6 months to see the progress and make required adjustments.

From enhancing the experience in the different employee life cycle touchpoints to creating hybrid work environments, our solutions are carefully designed to enhance engagement, productivity, and overall employee satisfaction. We focus on creating seamless experiences that align with your organization’s goals and values, where your employees will feel more valued, connected to the company’s mission, and motivated to contribute their best work. With our custom-designed solutions, we create an environment where employees can thrive, collaborate, and feel a sense of purpose.

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