10 Hacks to PERK UP Your Next Event

Whether it's a townhall, seminar, workshop, or a social gathering, capturing and maintaining the attention of participants is paramount to the event's success.

Whether it’s a townhall, seminar, workshop, or a social gathering, capturing and maintaining the attention of participants is paramount to the event’s success.

An engaging event goes beyond just conveying information – it creates an immersive experience that resonates with attendees, leaving them inspired, informed, and connected.

Through thoughtful planning, dynamic content, interactive activities, and a deep understanding of the target audience, an engaging event has the power to foster meaningful interactions, spark new ideas, and cultivate lasting memories.

Check out our 10 Hacks to PERK UP your next event!


Build excitement for your event well before the doors open. To do this…

  • Create an invitation that gives exciting ‘teasers’ of what attendees can expect (interactive activities, entertainment, guest speakers, etc.).
  • Have a countdown timer to build anticipation.
  • Encourage your leaders to hype up the event within their teams on a regular basis.
  • Set up a social media page where you can post ‘backstage’ snippets of the event, allow attendees to vote on discussion topics, and ask any pre-event questions.


The seating arrangement is a critical component that will determine how attendees will engage with each other throughout the event.

Round tables are ideal for encouraging group discussions and running collaborative activities.

Additionally, company events are an opportunity for employees to mix and mingle with those who they do not work with or see on a regular basis.

Use a seating plan or numbered wristband to encourage new connections and inter-departmental relationships.


A successful event and a rollercoaster ride has similar parallels.

Both have elements of anticipation, excitement, emotional highs and moments of calm.

When designing your agenda, be conscious that too many presentations will leave the audience feeling defeated, while an agenda packed of activities will leave the audience feeling exhausted.

Find the perfect balance between high-energy activities and moments of focus and reflection.


A skillful host will carefully orchestrate your event, using their experience to captivate the audience, maintain focus, and keep the agenda moving forward.

To PERK up your event, select a host who will…

  • Set the right tone for the event.
  • Engage and connect naturally with the audience and other presenters.
  • Inject humor and energy appropriately throughout the event.
  • Positively encourage audience participation in energizers, activities, and Q&As.


As attendees arrive, seize the opportunity to encourage social and playful activities. This will minimize standing around time, and build anticipation for what else the event has in store!

Consider zoning areas where attendees can experience:

  • Taking fun photos with their colleagues.
  • Participating in a lucky draw or quiz where the winner is announced later in the event.
  • Live entertainment.
  • Interactive walls where attendees can provide praise, gratitude and positive memories


Event presentations are important, but if they go on for too long you risk losing the audience’s attention.

To avoid people reaching for their phones or questioning the meaning of life, ask your presenters to consider…

  • What is the purpose/intention of my presentation
  • What information is critical to communicate now
  • How do I want the audience to feel during and after my presentation?
  • How can this information be presented in a way that engages the audience’s attention?

If you have multiple presentations to get though, keep them around the 15-20 minute mark with mental breaks in between.


Involving the audience at certain touchpoints throughout the event increases engagement, improves learning, gains insights, and creates an overall more positive and inclusive experience.

Consider these ideas to PERK up audience participation and gather valuable input…

  • Pass around a microphone or mic-ball (yes, a microphone in a ball) to attendees during Q&As.
  • Use digital tools such as Mentimeter for posting anonymous questions via a smart device.
  • Run digital polls & quizzes for live check-ins.


Synergy – A combined effort of individuals workingtogether that produces a result greater than the sum of their individual efforts.

Create synergy within your event by injecting fun, collaborative activities. Remember, the event is like a roller coaster and these activities are perfect for creating the emotional highs of your agenda!

Team activities can include:

  • Physical Challenges – Relay races, scavenger hunt
  • Design Challenges – Build a mascot, design a cake
  • Mind Challenges – Escape room, trivia, quizzes


End the event on a high by recognizing business units, teams, and individuals who have contributed to the organization’s success.

PERK UP the experience by:

  • Having a senior leader present the awards.
  • Including supportive quotes from management, customers, and/or colleagues.
  • Awarding certificates, trophies, or gifts of appreciation.
  • Take pictures of the awardees and publish these internally and on social media.
  • Having fun awards such as “Office Social Butterfly”, voted for in advance by employees.


PERK UP engagement post-event by…

  • Sending a thank you email to the attendees with a video/photo gallery link showcasing the event’s highlights.
  • Sending a post-event survey requesting feedback on the attendees most and least favorite parts, as well as their ideas for the next event.
  • Encouraging attendees to share their photos/experiences on social media, using a company-approved hashtag #sharingiscaring.
  • Creating a dedicated event page where employees can share their key learnings and access any important content that was shared during the event.

If you’re planning an event and need support in creating an experience that is fun and engaging, while meeting your organization’s objectives, send us a message and let’s design your next exciting people experience together!

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