Make 2024 PERKY!


The happiest employees are spending about 3 days in the office, compared with their counterparts who work fully remotely or come in 5 days a week.

Employees with flexible work arrangements are more engaged, intend to stay longer, feel included, and have a higher sense of well-being.

Collect insights, speak with your team members and design a flexible work policy that is fit for 2024 and beyond.


In a recent survey, only 25% of employees are confident about their career at their organization, and less than a third know how to progress their careers over the next 5 years.

People want a clear career roadmap that satisfies both professional and personal goals and be supported in achieving them.

Start the year by discussing your team member’s career aspirations. Work closely to develop an action plan, and provide ongoing support with regular check-ins throughout the year.


In a time now described as BANI (Brittle, Anxious, Non-linear & Incomprehensible), it’s no surprise that a whopping 83% of surveyed employees said they suffer from work-related stress! Almost half of those said they also need help in knowing how to manage it.

Mental health campaigns, stress management interventions, access to resources, and expert guidance throughout 2024 are a must!

Consider establishing an annual Wellness Calendar to emphasize the importance of mental health and putting a spotlight on important health matters throughout the year.


Although employees are enjoying the benefits of flexible work arrangements, there is still the desire to connect with their colleagues face to face.

Social connections, a sense of purpose, and inclusivity will continue to be major factors in job satisfaction this year.

Create opportunities throughout the year for these meaningful connections to happen, both virtually and in person, whether it be through town halls, teambuilding activities, or engaging workplace spaces.


In a recent survey, 76% of respondents agree that organizational success will fall behind if they don’t adopt and implement generative AI in the next 12-24 months.

By embracing AI, your organization can streamline processes, automate responses, analyze feedback data and reduce disengaging tasks.

Consider evaluating the needs of your company and where AI will have the greatest impact in enhancing the overall experience of your employees.