PERK UP Workplace Wellness in 10 Easy Steps

Not only does a focus on wellbeing lead to increased job satisfaction and overall happiness among employees, but it also yields tangible benefits for businesses.

In the midst of demanding work schedules and constant connectivity, prioritizing wellbeing in the workplace has become an imperative rather than a luxury. Not only does a focus on wellbeing lead to increased job satisfaction and overall happiness among employees, but it also yields tangible benefits for businesses.

Reduced absenteeism, heightened productivity, and enhanced team cohesion are just a few of the dividends that organizations reap when they commit to creating a supportive and healthy work environment. In this post, we share 10 practical steps that you can take to PERK UP wellbeing in your workplace! 


Wellness generally falls into one of the 7 components below. Mental, physical, social, financial, spiritual, environmental, and vocational.

To understand what workplace wellness looks like to your people and how they can be supported in achieving better health, set up channels for employees provide feedback on the various aspects of their work environment.

This could include regular surveys, suggestion boxes, or one-on-one feedback sessions with managers/leaders.

If you have an existing survey cycle, include wellness as an area of cous.


With more organizations practicing flexible working arrangements, it may be the perfect time to redesign your office space.

Desk space that is no longer being utilized can be repurposed as collaborative spaces or zones for social activities.

Simply rearranging the furniture, adding some colour/team mural and bean bags can make a big impact without breaking the budget.

Alternatively, consider giving your lunch room a wellness makeover. Include herbal teas, fruit and healthy snacks as part of your offering.


Throughout the year there are dates of significance that raise awareness of illnesses that affect us personally or those around us (E.g. Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Mental Health Month).

Use this as an opportunity to run a WELLNESS campaign that can include:

  • Guest speakers from the medical field
  • Sponsored health checks/medical advice/classes
  • Flyers/posters with advice and contact details for support


Park the car, make a coffee, take a seat, start work.

Is there a better way to start the day to feel inspired, motivated and connected with your team? We think so!

Consider a morning huddle and ensure you include those who are working remotely. This quick 5-10 minute huddle can look like this:

  • An icebreaker/quote for the day/Riddle/Joke
  • Praise and Recognition
  • Focus of the day
  • Important reminders (E.g. Complete company survey)
  • Team challenge (E.g. Complete 2000 steps today. Follow up tomorrow)


Rising living costs is causing a financial and mental strain on those whose incomes no longer stretch as far as they did before.

To support employee’s financial wellbeing, consider:

  • Money management talks from financial experts
  • Financial advice from banking professionals
  • Flexible working arrangements that can save costs on food, daycare and transportation

Partner with your insurance company and other institutions who may offer these services free of charge.


When people have a sense of community at work. they are 58% more likely to thrive within the workplace.

Building communities gives employees a sense of belonging, builds trust, and provides opportunities to connect learn and innovate, just to name a few.

Communities can include:

  • Community of shared interests | Sports, hobbies, personal development
  • Community of Practice | Leadership development, best practices, career mentoring, knowledge sharing, problem solving
  • Project Communities | Assigned a specific task (E.g. Organizing a company event, rolling out a new wellbeing initiative)


Weave wellness into your workplace culture by celebrating employee achievements.

Use social media. newsletters. bulletin boards, intranet, and company events to highlight these achievements.

Examples of achievements may include:

  • Individual or team sporting achievements
  • Achieving a health goal (E.g. Giving up smoking)
  • Implementing a new health initiative into the workplace (E.g. Adding healthy options into the vending machine)
  • Participating in a workplace wellness challenge
  • Volunteering (E.g. Environmental clean up, charity)


Next time you’re looking to reward your team, consider these wellbeing treasures. Perhaps  have a menu of rewards where employees can choose their preferred option!

  • Spa vouchers
  • Activity vouchers (rock climbing, kayaking, waterparks)
  • Company branded merchandise such as water bottles, reusable coffee mugs and gym towels
  • Time off or flexible work arrangements (E.g. Leave an hour earlier to beat the traffic)
  • Tickets for the theatre, festival or sporting event
  • Audiobook/Online learning subscriptions


Psychological safety is a cornerstone of a healthy and productive work environment, enabling employees to express themselves openly without fear of repercussions.

When employees feel psychologically safe, they are more likely to speak up about any health-related issues they might be facing, whether physical or mental. This open dialogue helps individuals address their challenges promptly while allowing the employer to take proactive measure to create supportive solutions.

Ensure your managers and leaders are trained to handle these important conversations with an empathetic and supportive mindset.


Socializing as a team indicates that communication patterns improve by up to 50%. Additionally, teambuilding activities help to build trust, increase morale, reduce turnover, and prevent conflict.

Consider these engaging teambuilding ideas:

  • Office trivia
  • Sports tournament
  • Cooking challenge
  • Amazing race challenge
  • Scavenger hunt

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