6 Ways to PERK UP Your Workplace Environment

From implementing 'Gratitude Gems', challenging a colleague in a game of cards, to keeping seasonal illnesses at bay, we've got you covered with tips and insights to make your workplace a better, more PERKY place to be.

In our latest PERK UP post, we’ll explore six practical and effective strategies to breathe new life into your workplace, fostering a more enjoyable, productive, and fulfilling atmosphere for everyone involved.

From implementing ‘Gratitude Gems’, challenging a colleague in a game of cards, to keeping seasonal illnesses at bay, we’ve got you covered with tips and insights to make your workplace a better, more PERKY place to be.


Encourage employees to stay on top of their health game by distributing packs of wellness around the office, particularly during seasonal changes or times of increased workload.

Wellness packs can include:

  • Vitamin C
  • Herbal Teas
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Hand sanitizer

Remember to communicate frequent reminders about the importance of self-care and wellbeing.


Employees that receive regular recognition are up to 8 times more engaged, yet a survey from Gallup indicated only 2% of employees received recognition on a daily basis.

PERK up your workplace by distributing blank ‘Gratitude Gems’ – a thank you note that employees can fill in and share will their colleagues on a regular basis.

Promote the use of ‘Gratitude Gems’ in the office, especially around significant events such as World Gratitude Day – this year on 21 September 2023!

Use an online graphic design tool such as Canva, to create attractive ‘Gratitude Gem’ templates.


Perk up how employees spend their lunch breaks by introducing board games, cards and interactive activities into the lunch room (Lego, Jenga, puzzles)


  • Opportunities to connect and socialize
  • Breaks down hierarchies
  • Improves communication
  • A mental reset from work activities
  • Opportunities for friendly competition and camaraderie
  • They’re fun!


Celebrate cultural diversity in your office!

Plan a cultural event calendar, and establish a team to plan & organize cultural celebrations.

Ways to celebrate these events include:

  • Office decorations
  • Talks about the significance of the occasion and personal experiences
  • A cultural performance or talent show
  • Themed lunches and office attire

Remember to take photos and post these in the office, on social media and in company newsletters!


Empower everyone to be an Eco Hero in the workplace!


  • Align with employee values
  • Opportunities to unite over a positive cause
  • Company pride and loyalty

Eco Ideas

  • Turn lights and A/C off in unused spaces
  • Digitize physical documents
  • Remove disposable cups from water coolers and encourage the use of personal water bottles
  • Set up recycling stations and collection
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Initiate a Eco-Warrior Team to roll out eco initiatives


Leaders have an important role in influencing the engagement of employees, and creating a perky workplace. To do this, Leaders should connect with employees on a regular basis by…

  • Having an open Door Policy – Where employees can approach leaders at anytime (within reason) with questions, concerns or suggestions
  • Conducting coffee catch ups – An informal catch up where you can check-in with the employee as a human, not just an employee
  • Holding listening sessions – An opportunity for leaders to listen to employee challenges, ideas and solutions
  • Participating in workplace activities and events – Who wouldn’t want to see their manager in a Halloween costume or taking part in a relay race??

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