Developing a Holistic Wellbeing Program


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Tech Company

The Project

The Challenge:
A tech company recognized the importance of prioritizing employee wellbeing but lacked a structured approach to address the diverse needs of its workforce. The absence of a holistic wellbeing program resulted in increased stress levels, decreased productivity, and potential attrition among employees. Recognizing the critical role of employee wellbeing in fostering a happy, healthy, and engaged workforce, the company sought to implement a comprehensive solution.

The Solution:
The tech company engaged with Perky People to develop a multifaceted program aimed at promoting physical, mental, social, financial and emotional wellbeing among its employees. The solution included the following components: branding of a new wellbeing program, creation of an annual wellbeing calendar of activities/initiatives, creation of wellbeing committee, introduction of a wellbeing platform, launching an employee assistance program…etc.

Details of Action Taken:

  • Needs Assessment: Perky People conducted a thorough assessment of the company's workforce to understand their wellbeing needs, preferences, and challenges.
  • Program Design: Based on the assessment findings, Perky People collaborated with the HR team and stakeholders from different departments, to design a bespoke wellbeing program. This included carefully designed wellbeing activities/initiatives & robust communication plan implemented throughout the year to cover the different dimensions of wellbeing such as physical, social, mental/emotional, financial and organisational.
  • Implementation: The wellbeing program was launched with a comprehensive communication strategy to ensure maximum engagement and participation from employees. It also involved the different Wellbeing Committee members from the different Business Units.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms were integrated in their employee listening strategy to assess the effectiveness of the program and its activities and initiatives, and make necessary adjustments based on feedback and outcomes.

The Results:
A comprehensive employee wellbeing program was implemented. The tech company demonstrated its commitment to prioritizing the health, happiness, and engagement of its people. The program addressed the diverse needs of employees but significantly increase their eNPS and Wellbeing Index compared to the previous year. The company remained dedicated to sustaining and evolving the wellbeing initiatives to ensure continued success and employee satisfaction.