Managing the Year-End Townhall from A-Z


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The Project

The Challenge:
A Fintech company faced the challenge of organizing a memorable end-of-year event for its employees, with limited experience and expertise in event management. The company lacked the resources and experience to coordinate a large-scale event for over 300 people. Recognizing the importance of celebrating milestones and employee engagement for their first event end of the year event, the company sought assistance from Perky People to manage the event from A-Z.

The Solution:
Perky People took on the responsibility of managing every aspect of the event, leveraging on expertise and resources to ensure a seamless and memorable experience for all attendees, in partnership with the client’s event committee.

Details of Action Taken:

  • Alignment Meetings: After getting the specific requirements from the client, Perky People created a project plan, to cover all aspects of the event. This project plan also clearly outlined the responsibilities of the Perky People team and the client’s event team. A weekly meeting was held to ensure everyone is updated on the progress of actions , as well as the evolving requirements of the event. These regular meetings served as a strong foundation for developing a customized event plan tailored to the client's specific needs and expectations.
  • Venue Selection and Logistics: Perky People supported the client in identifying and securing an appropriate venue that could accommodate the size and requirements of the event. The client took care of the procurement of the employee give aways, while Perky People took care of the rest of the event logistics.
  • Ticketing and Registration: Perky People implemented an online ticketing and registration system to streamline the attendee registration process and check-in procedures to ensure a hassle-free experience for all participants.
  • Sound and Lighting Setup: Perky People provided high-quality LED screens, sounds and lighting systems that enhanced the ambiance and atmosphere of the event venue. Perky People ensured that all technical aspects were seamlessly integrated to support the entertainment and presentations planned for the event.
  • Entertainment and Activities: Perky People curated an engaging lineup of entertainment and activities tailored to the preferences of the client, to ensure attendees experience a once in a life show for their year-end party. This included live performances, interactive games, teambuilding activities, and networking opportunities designed to create memorable experiences and foster connections among participants.
  • Facilitation and Event Management: Perky People provided experienced event staff to oversee the smooth operation of the event, managing logistics, coordinating schedules, and addressing any issues or concerns that arose throughout the event duration.

The Results:
The collaboration with Perky People to manage the end-of-year company event proved to be a resounding success for the Fintech company, enabling them to host a memorable and impactful event without the burden of managing the logistical details themselves. By leveraging Perky People's expertise and resources, the client was able to deliver an exceptional experience for attendees while saving time, resources, and stress associated with event planning and coordination.