Developing A More People-Centric HR Strategy


Culture Transformation | HR Strategy Development


Retail Company

The Project

The Challenge:
A retail company experienced challenges with its people strategy, which was traditionally developed through a top-down approach solely by the HR Director. This approach resulted in disconnected strategies that failed to address the diverse & real needs of employees and align with the evolving business priorities. Recognizing the need for a more effective and inclusive approach to developing a people strategy, the company partnered with Perky People to develop their HR Strategy.

The Solution:
Using a structured methodology, Perky People introduced a collaborative approach to developing the company’s HR strategy, emphasizing co-creation with employees, key stakeholders, and the HR team. This approach aimed to incorporate diverse perspectives, employee feedback, business priorities, global trends, and lessons learned from past strategies. Perky People facilitated a 2-day strategy development workshop and worked with the HR team in refining and finalising their HR Strategy document until they get the sign-off from the company CEO.

Details of Action Taken:

  • Needs Assessment: Perky People conducted a comprehensive review of the company's current business objectives, people practices, HR metrics and recent engagement survey results to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.
  • Co-Creation Workshops: A 2-day workshop was facilitated by Perky People, where the team reviewed the past, present and define the aspiration for the coming years. The workshop also brought together cross-functional teams to collaboratively define the vision, values, and strategic pillars and actions for the coming year.
  • Strategy Development: Perky People synthesized the insights gathered from workshops and feedback sessions to develop the first draft of the HR strategy document, outlining the different outputs from the workshop i.e. vision, strategic pillars and objectives, key initiatives, timelines, and success metrics.

The Results:
The co-created strategy not only addressed past shortcomings but also positioned the company for long-term success by aligning HR initiatives with business objectives, employee needs, and global trends. The HR team pioneered a new practice of developing a strategy, one that is co-created with their people, to drive organizational growth and employee satisfaction.